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Book Reviews

As an avid reader, I appreciate a good read. Although, there are many amazing books in the world, it is rare that you find such a treasure that not only fascinates and astonishes, but also simultaneously enlightens its readers. The Other Side not only offers an insight into the life and journey of the amazing and gifted author, but it also allows humanity to gain insight into their own abilities and how to unlock their fullest potential. It broadens one’s horizons and exposes the human mind to all these possibilities that are in fact available to us. It offers a different trajectory to healing, manifesting, and creating. The other Side can be described as purely an awakening; a literary piece that opens up an individual to life and all its endless possibilities.
Anonymous - Amazon

One of those rare books that are read from cover to cover on one breath, that resonate deep within, that could become the starting point for changes and miraculous transformations if one allows them to happen. In a very sincere and trustworthy manner the author is sharing his own reality where mataphysical aspects are interwined with physical existence. The author describes his own experiences including his natural abilities of lucid dreaming, remote viewing, astral travelling, remote healing, time shifting as well as he gives numerous detailed evidences from his practice as a certified hypnotist of channelling, bringing his clients to the Other Side and other. All those evidences once again prove that there is so much more to this life than this physical world with its limits and bounds, that there is life after death, that every person is eternal, that anything and everything is possible and there are always infinite possibilities, that communication with loving beings and spirit guides of the Other Side is always available and so much more. And dear reader in case nobody has ever told you before that you are the absolute creator of your reality or you just forgot about it under the heaviness of every day routine this book would remind you about your perfection and your true infinite potential.
Lena - Barnes and Noble

Great book of Geozuwa sharing his life journey! I purchased the book directly from the author at one of the New Life Expo's and have had 3 other friends read and enjoy it. Hopefully you are in NY, MA or FL (or can travel) as you'll want to take some of Geozuwa's workshops (mentioned in the book) - especially the 2 Day Healing Workshop - as they are truly life-changing and soul-empowering, and are highly recommended. Thank you!
Inga V - Barnes and Noble

I run a metaphysical bookstore and am visited by many authors with books relating to the other side. There are only a select few that I read all the way through, and even fewer that I read immediately after receiving it. This is one of those select few. Geozuwa's story is both heart-breaking and transcendent. The depth of his connection to the other side is in a class by itself, and this is coming from someone who meets and knows such people as a part of my business. His experiences and communication will speak to the skeptic, the new believer, and the experienced metaphysician, one and all. I highly recommend this book.
Selene, FL - Amazon

I've got 3 words to describe this book: EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! The author takes us on a captivating journey exploring his history of metaphysical experiences, transcendence of childhood trauma and evolution as a guide and instructor to others who seek answers about "The Other Side." The book is as interesting as it is well written.
Marsha, CA – Amazon

The Other Side explains how we can access our spirituality, contacting loved ones who have crossed, our spirit guides and angels in simple language, without jargon. It makes spirituality and infinite love achievable for everyone. It also is an amazing story of Geozuwa’s early difficulties and how he has emerged to be an inspiration.
Jeff, NY - Facebook

I bought your book last week and I LOVE it. I have read tons of books on life after death, psychics, mediums, etc. I am, however, cautious about believing everything I read on the subject. I tend to be on alert for those who might be embellishing for whatever reasons. Yours is a fascinating, comforting, terrific book! I'm trying not to rush through it, and I will save it to refer back in the future. Thank you for such a gift!
Erika, FL - Email

This is a great book with honest and simple to understand explanation of metaphysics. If you are curious about how to communicate with your loved ones who passed away, how to meet your spirit guides and angels, and how easy it is to heal yourself - read this book! It is an easy read and it contains captivating stories from the author's own experiences and his clients in astral travel, channeling and visiting the other side and communicating directly with spirit guides and loved ones who have passed away. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Anna, NY - Goodreads

It was such a joy to read the book. I learned and was helped while reading as I know your readers will be also.
J, NY - Email

I read your book.  It was excellent! You are a very gifted individual.
Bridget, NH - Facebook

Amazing! Not like any book I have ever read about the other side. This book is packed with fascinating stories that the author writes in a genuine manner. From the moment I had started reading, my perception of life and death has shifted. The author makes eternity and other metaphysical concepts easy to understand and accept. The other side: Visit now! is an absolute must read!
John B - Goodreads

I wanted to let you know that I have completed "The Other Side Visit Now!". It was an excellent and quick read. It definitely was inspiring to hear your upbringing which I was very pleased you included in the story. It's really incredible how your book and you were attracted into my life. This read was exactly what I needed. I have been searching for the pure love, bliss, and "non-ego" realm of life. It's so beautiful to have such wonderful evidence that these things really DO exist. It's not even a matter of thinking and wondering if they exist. I can just feel it, and that's all that matters. Your book did such a wonderful service to my soul. Allowing me to open up to what I was already searching for. I am excited for my journey to the Other Side. I will get there and have a greater understanding of this Universe and what my origin is. I can't thank you enough for your writings. Thank you thank you thank you.
Christian, FL - Facebook

I do not write reviews too often, but this book is just awesome! I felt my entire mind lifting as I was reading, “The Other Side: Visit Now!”. After completing the book, in one day, I immediately felt like a new person with an expanded awareness. It was as though an emptiness I had was filled but I was lighter at the same time. I am so grateful, Geozuwa, for this gift and I look forward to reading more from you!
Thomas Dunne, NY - Goodreads

All of us, all mortals have looked out to the rim of our lives; peered into the dark of that undiscovered country and questioned:  is there life after death?. Critical care patients have expressed the visions of a white light in near death moments and General Stonewall Jackson’s last utterance: Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees,  suggests a world beyond our world. Even Steve Jobs’s last words: oh, wow, belie a beginning, not an end.    The comfort of this perception is addressed and examined in THE OTHER SIDE, by guide and paranormal analyst, Geozuwa. The book is a highly personal account which reveals his own discovery of heightened awareness and communion with those who have passed on. In addition, it provides insight into altered states of perception, astral projection, omni-hypnosis, guardian angels and the soul’s family. Perhaps its’ most signal contribution is in the role that “forgiveness” plays in the positive experience of our lives. The book is an Operator’s Manuel for those who seek entry to a world beyond our world. It seeks to guide the reader to answer their own questions of perceptions and feelings about those who have passed on. In form, it is straight forward, not poetic. Poetic writers of such a journey such as Dante were aided by Virgil, Cato, in Empyrean realms, Bernard of Clairvaux and, finally, Beatrice. THE OTHER SIDE is a Baedeker for the inquiring soul.
Rich, NY - Reader’s Blog

I am so happy I read this book! If you want answers to the great mysteries this book is for you. The author takes you on an amazing journey to discover the absolute reality of your eternal existence! I recommend this book to everyone I speak to!
Nora Kohl, NY - Goodreads


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